EncryptThis File Encryptor

This application aims to be a simple, small and portable enrypter which encrypts any number of files of any size quickly but securely. The program is written in C++ and has been made with speed in mind. It should be amongst the quickest encryptors out there, and can you believe it's standalone AND free?!

Drag-and-drop is the main means of encryption (Just drag a file/multiple files onto the encryptor, type the password and you're on your way..)
Context-menu integration might come at a later stage, but this will require an installer =(
The encryptor also preserves file extensions which are encrypted with the file and handles ANY file type.

Download program or source code now!

Technical details

Small file encryptor written in C++. Encrypts through simple XOR-ing from both sides of the password at once making it fast but secure. Planning to implement multiple encryption levels as well as proper support for wide characters. The software now operates on a byte-to-byte encryption, basically XOR-ing each byte in the input file with two characters from the password as well as the length of the password. This ensures that the app can encrypt and decrypt any file as it does not read characters but bytes.

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